What Every Woman Should Wear: A 101 Guide to Your Everyday Wardrobe

If there is one thing I am sick of reading – it’s the articles that specify what women should and should not wear by a certain age, because ‘by this age’, women should know it’s always better to leave something to the imagination [Insert Anderson Cooper eye-rolling meme] Stop telling me that I need to polish my 9-to-5 with a silky blouse and blazer, or that strong women wear their pain like stilettos (They obviously never circled the entire stretch of the financial district to avoid angry ‘occupy wall street’ protestors in ‘appropriate work wear’)

Humans are curiously fickle when it comes to fashion. They strenuously jump on the trend bandwagon, milk it for all it’s worth, and turn to the next big thing. So I thought it was high time to shed a little light on a little timeless fashion, and tell you what I believe every woman should REALLY wear.

1. High-Waisted Optimism

I have a completely biased take on the high-waisted trend – mostly because this ground-breaking trait never goes out of style. When you’re wearing high-waisted optimism, it changes your perspective of the world. Whether you’re pairing it with loosely fitted scepticism or hopefulness that’s carefully tucked in, optimism keeps the harsh realities of the world under-wraps and accentuates your possibilities of taking them on, while looking and feeling taller all the while.

2. Off Shoulder Nonchalance

Most of us haven’t found the comfort or confidence with this style – after all caring less about the results and more about the process looks easier said than done. Those of us who have dipped our shoulders know that nonchalance imposes a presence in every quantifiable sense. Regardless of your frame, there are plenty of streamlined styles that show off your free-spirit and adventurous side.

3. Oversized Open-mindedness

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but when it comes to celebrating our differences, oversized is right on the money. This season’s animosity trend is all about chic oversized open-mindedness battling it out in the spotlight. The key to rocking the oversized trend is to strive to achieve a balance. Let your open-mind shine by pairing it with an overall sense of self, and subtly accessorising it with a helpful dose of ‘getting the facts rights’ first.

4. Layering with Kindness

We tend to overlook this the most, or we do too much of it. With the layered look, it’s all about consistency and mixing in patience and courtesy into the overall look. The result should look harmonious and effortless. Layering is best done in moderation, and in the right environment – too many layers will leave you feeling suffocated/disappointed in your high expectation. However, kindness is timeless and works for all seasons and across all age-groups.

5. Confidence in Prints and Patterns

While florals and stripes are still in this Spring, wearing your heart and your personality loudly both in your personal and professional world have never been hipper. This explosion of colour and chaotic mix of fierce and speaking your mind is exactly what every women needs to strut through the runway of life. Don’t forget to wear your prints with your pumps or pointy flats for a look that says ‘I can do whatever the big boys do — I’m just a lot more stylish (and most likely better) at it’

6. An A-Line Intelligence

This style is the perfect choice for those of us who want to be both voguish and ahead of the curve. The A-line style is not to be confused with the Type-A style that is less relaxed and threatening (especially to our male counterparts). Intelligence is a versatile look that flatters almost every women – it’s the kind of retro touch attitude that when styled with a classic belt of curiosity, and a structured outerwear of modesty renders the look its anachronistic and timeless appeal.

7. Pleated Classiness

When a woman is draped in pleated classiness, she is immediately transformed into an ethereal goddess. This item is a must-have staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and it’s not as simple as throwing on your flowiest maxi dress and walking with your head titled to the side. A good strong suit of grace should be harmonised flawlessly with good humour and gentility. Just as pleats add space in your clothing, your air of classiness should add an air of comfort in your own skin.

Lastly, if there’s one thing women should never wear, it’s the weight of other people’s judgement and opinions. And remember whoever said ‘Less is More’ never crossed the metaphorical chasm of wearing your heart on your sleeve. While it definitely serves us good to dress down occasionally, never for one moment apologise for the way your eyes refuse to dim its shine or for your dreams that were deemed too big. Whatever your personal style may be, people are quick to label your hodgepodge outfit with a pejorative. My advice is to stick to it and exude poise.

Photo by Sheycha Dem (Designer at Hotel 89)

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