The 10 types of ServisHero Fashionistas

When you think of a Tech Startup – the word ‘Stylish’ and ‘Fashion’ might be the last thing to spring to mind. You might be inclined to say that the average employee is a bit boring, a bit reserved – or as I have been hearing on numerous occasions – destructively competitive Masters of the Universe.

Well, since I secretly enjoy superimposing ostentatious celebrity statuses to the fine human beings I have the pleasure of calling my co-workers – I have made it my personal mission to denounce these myths that have come into common parlance as such a fraught dividing line. And granted my propensity for nostalgia and as a short-lived member of the style blogosphere – I thought I’d dive deep into the pool of charming hypocrisy and give you a glimpse into the lives of the stylish luminaries of ServisHero – who are not only exemplars of supreme intellectual prowess in their respective fields but also gush an all round sentiment of suaveness! (Ok I exaggerate!)

So here you are – A(n) (in)complete (and exaggerated) guide to the 10 types of Style personalities that exists at ServisHero

1. The Techies

No surprises here! Being a tech startup – one can be sure to anticipate this cohort in sheer abundance. I am talking about the Fitbit-wearing, computer-speaking denizen who pairs every pant he owns with his grail status company Tshirt. He is also usually seen meticulously pairing said T-shirt with a hoodie from another startup that probably implements our API. The Techies broadcast a genuine lack of concern for what the fashion invigilators (ahem, yours truly!) deem suitable – they represent the smarter side of digital revolution and prance around the office space with an unabashed fascination for science and Pokémon. They may be blasé about fashion faux pas but they are generally useful to have around, especially when your entire business model revolves around Technology.

2. The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

This is the ultimate tech uniform – the studiedly casual Bay Area look associated with startup culture. This particular horde can be seen making important decisions in the boardrooms of ServisHero – they fit the description of everything from a Mad Hatter to a Man about Town that haunts every street and social event. They are the ones known to have a closet filled with the a dozen T-shirts that look exactly the same – manifesting a contemporary urban harlequin that appropriates outmoded fashion. Perhaps its not so much a social construction but more an algorithm designed around efficiency – after all why would you waste an extra 2 minutes every morning deciding which T-shirt to wear?

3. The Corporate Professional

In an environment filled with all types of creative professionals and unperturbed geeks, the Corporate professional emphasizes form and content in subtle contrasts and pairings, making the average outfit exceptional. For this class of ServisHero residents, having something that does not fit properly is nothing short of travesty. Every morning, while the rest of the office risks looking like a scruffy mess, the corporate professional embraces or rather undeniably clenches on to the remnants of sophisticated eruditeness, previously seen in their towering steel offices. The trend for these suited folks is to avoid trends, but one cannot deny that they ooze a force that is equally business savvy and timeless elegance.

4. The Hipsters

Is it an absolute shocker that the designers at ServisHero fit this particular archetype? Keeping up with the cornerstone of the hipster penchant, these individuals don the classic crisp white shirt, contrasting black pants and unassuming footwear. The resident DJs of the office, the Hipsters make it seem like a trail of overturned fixed-gear bicycles, record players and SLR cameras surround their wake. They are the scholars of social forms, the students of cool — imposing a presence in every quantifiable sense. They studied relentlessly, foraging for what is yet to be found by the mainstream. To them, aberration is the primary mode with which daily life is dealt with, oh and they’re pretty good at their jobs too!

5. The Black-is-the-only-colour Gang

These poor souls think that the definition of something colourful is a darker shade of navy or grey. This is probably due to the nature of their job – the models seen here love working so much that they undoubtedly have never seen sunlight. These folks take the act of refining the search by colour before considering anything else when online shopping as divine mandate. These creatures of the night prance around the office like they own the place because they can spill anything on their clothes and nobody will even notice! You might think that these personas are a bit reserved, but we say not trying too hard isn’t a bad thing because black is so versatile it works for every occasion.

6. The Pinterest Models


In a world of unchecked classicism, these ladies are a breathe of fresh air. You will see bright colours, that ensure that most things are standout pieces, but more importantly, the overall palette does not overwhelm the rest of the look. In this particular style glossary, each piece is well thought out – whether it’s denoting a business savvy look or something for a weekend sashaying around the sun, these ladies always seem to get the details just right. Our members offer up a plethora of stylish outfit ideas to inspire your wardrobe even on off-duty days. Thanks to these ladies and their prim and proper lifestyles for debunking the myth that we are a bunch of online personas not exactly known for our holiday spirits.

7. The Free Spirits

This class of fashionistas are the free spirits who strut through life in absolute nonchalance. They are the very visible counterculture present in urban startup scenes. Their low maintenance cool enables them to consistently look artistically retro and stylishly poetic. Whether they opt for a more progressive feminine look or a retro-inspired chic-ness, there is no doubt these ladies are putting time and effort into getting their combinations right. As the ultimate goals in personalised style, the free spirit takes pride in the fact that her wardrobe is made up of equal parts vintage, with pops of designer labels, and some covetable footwear to balance it all out.

8. The Urban Professional

These gentlemen send a visual signal that says relaxed – unwinding from the humdrum of fusty formal swaddle. They call for rolled-up sleeves and their favourite roshe runs Nikes to mostly serve in dressing down something that would otherwise be too formal for the occasion. Usually in one form of Sales team or another, the urban professional is always perfectly dapper for sealing any business deals. Nothing looks too forced for this band of ServisHero inhabitants who always manages to find an interesting combination of dishevelled rogue and conformity. From their box-fresh kicks and skinny jeans – they embody the more chic side of the business, much like a rockabilly start-up extraordinaire.

9. The Fitness Fanatics

Blame the designer ‘athleisure’ boom or the fitness fads that never fade for making me feel like a complete blob every time I see one of these folks. This particular tribe of ServisHero dwellers are part superhuman and part [insert job title here]. They enjoy sporting grail status active wear clothing – completely exclusive and not really that wearable in everyday life – but you’ll be damned if that stopped them! They are lithe and toned, and look like they’re about to leap up and go for a run. We don’t need to tell you what the Sporty persona’s style lexicon entails – they usually always look like they’re moments away from a workout, or about to karate chop you in half while silently judging you for eating a chocolate glazed donut for breakfast.

10. The Cool Kids

This brooding soul is witty and self-deprecating at the same time. This person looks simultaneously classic and super-modern. They do not dress according to what is perceived as cool, but somehow always manages to look like the coolest person in the room. Always dressed in subtle neutral colours, that is less a reflection of the (constant KL) weather and more a kind of natural elusiveness that makes dressing seem effortless. The wild card – their casual scruffy-chic look may not work for all occasions, but this group has a head start when it comes to looking good, and you probably cannot tell that they also wear their charm and mischievous humour with a natural, unassuming ease.

While there are certain accessories associated with a startup native, that doesn’t mean every ServisHero residents is draped in frumpy khakis and T-shirts with nerdy jokes on them. In these choppy sartorial waters, it’s easy to run aground, but the average member of the ServisHero superhero squad takes pride in the fact that he/she has the creative freedom to be exactly who he/she really is. We are a fresh bunch of fabulous folks who know that what we wear mustn’t make an apologetic statement on our behalf! And although we are the only ones classifying ourselves as the stylish sorts, that’s all right because deep down we know that it’s the classic effortlessness that rules the modern startup streets.

If you’re someone looking for more insider’s scoop on the surreptitious lives of these charming fashion icons, or if you want to learn more about the actual work they do – visit and get ready to embrace the more challenging extremes of balancing a services marketplace with your smarts and all-round panache to the world.

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