My Work


Minenergy aims to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution and power an infrastructure that is run 100% on renewable energy. We use renewable and waste-based energy to build the blockchain infrastructure. Minenergy aims to create a cleaner future for blockchain, the technology that will undoubtedly fuel the future of many industries. We aim to build the world’s most sustainable and profitable solution to produce renewable energy to power the blockchain revolution.



LottieFiles is building a community of animators from around the world to help make beautiful animations accessible to all. Inspired by Lottie, an open-source animation tool by Airbnb, Lottiefiles not only aims to bring designers and developers together to fuel more cohesive workflows, but also make web and mobile products better and more dynamic with animations. Simple micro animations are known to trigger positive emotions in users, and we are on a mission to get more product owners to adopt this feature.



ServisHero is a services marketplace connecting users with household service professionals in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. What started as a quote aggregator model, eventually ventured into a first of its kind direct services matching platform with integrated online payments and insurance. Since day 1, ServisHero has been on a mission to use technology as a force to not only empower local service providers but also makes customer’s lives easier.



As a writer, my area of expertise include Finance and Economics, and more recently Technology and Entrepreneurship. As a freelancer,  I help businesses define their brand and value propositions through the art of storytelling. I specialise in branding, communication strategy, content marketing, and thought leadership. Previous freelance projects include tech and media startups, publications, economics research institutions and universities.


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