Tomorrow is a better day

Life has a tendency to get stale. Like a favourite food, it loses its edge after a while – that special quality that made you love it so much in the first place becomes dull and boring. New experiences are the reason we live! I think that is why I’ve never lived in the same place for too long – because I did not want to become too comfortable.

The point of living is not to resign to one part of life, but to continuously redefine yourself. It’s to discover yourself, over and over again, in new waters and new challenges. You have your entire life to be comfortable, and to sit in your house and bask in the familiarity of it – but now is the time to run into the world with wide spread greeting arms before you.

I often feel like I am standing on the wrong side of a wide chasm, shouting across, wondering if I’ll ever hear a response other than my own voice, echoing back to me. What does it take for someone to possess a blend of entrepreneurial passion, boardroom polish and creative flair? How does one communicate a vision that is driven by empathy and deep insights? I’m sitting here weaving the most outlandish case for a cause I genuinely believe in – but what happens when that case gets crushed every single day?

I crave new experiences and challenges – for professional and personal growth; they are the reasons I get up everyday, the reason I carry on. I have spilled much ink pondering over the discussion of professional human connection, but I am no closer to understanding them today than I was a year ago. I conduct myself as though I am above matters relating to the politics of the boardroom – chiefly because I have seen them corrode even those I held in the highest regard. But in my candid moments, I wonder if I take the stance I do because I fear the outcome of the game. And so I opt not to play. But if I truly have the purity of all my convictions, I wouldn’t resist against so many of my better instincts.

This outpour is not one tested without rigorous analytical thinking. It is one unified with modern treatment of rational economic deliberations while working at an intuitive level. I’ve brought the tools of game theory and have contented my likely next moves with other rational actors in the picture. I am writing to myself today, as this is really one of the most effective ways to access an inner world of feelings that is the key to recovering from everyday stress and annoyance. I am left to wonder if I have simply failed to find the answers to the questions that preoccupy me or can they not be answered at all?

Fortunately, the world always presents the next diversion, the next elaborate distraction from the problems that vex us. When a system is stacked against the truth, they say dance around it – but I prefer to ask my social editor to leave the room and let the words just flow.

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