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Designing Your Life

I spend an immense amount of my time reflecting, researching, reading, and stressing about what I want to do with my life. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve read almost every best-selling self-help book. Are they helpful? Mostly yes! Has it made me a better person? Not yet! Contrary to popular belief, self-help books are not written by charlatans peddling snake oil….

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10 Must-Read Books for Startup Founders

6 weeks ago, one of my mentors sent me this list shared by the Harvard Business Review, on the 10 must-reads for IT leaders. He included a note that said the 10 books collectively will help me get through the overly-exaggerated vexations I was experiencing then. While I’m not sure if they’ve wiped my worries entirely – I figured many of my fellow startup colleagues…

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Why the world needs Wonder Woman

How often do you watch a superhero movie and recall the superhero as smart, charming, strong, caring, and glamorous? Even before the movie was released I wanted Wonder Woman to be amazing. Because if it didn’t become a major hit, critics all over the world would have drawn sweeping and cynical conclusions about the potency of female superheroes – and with that female directors, female…

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