3 years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to move to Southeast Asia. I moved to Malaysia to join a technology startup. This statement packed with irony is anything but dishonest. Yes, this girl from the high-reaching mountains of Bhutan finally decided to bid farewell to her life in London and pack up her editorial dreams to brave the Malaysian heat and pretend she didn’t just think you were talking about coffee when you mentioned Java.

www.sonampelden.com is a collection of essays that aims to offer a flight of fancy into the world of technology startups. This blog caters to the generic ‘you’ who is venturing out into entrepreneurship, where you will face many surprises and struggles. And perhaps also to the less generic ‘you’ who is simply looking for some bedtime reading.

Keeping a startup ship afloat in Southeast Asia is no easy feat. The rules of the game are only just being written, by a handful of people who are still too weary to drift away to sea. In these unsteady startup waters, I am constantly questioning my every move and preserving my somewhat depleting self-belief – so I started this blog as a platform to document my experience, share my learnings, and ask the questions that keep me up at night.

Although I can’t promise you that I will not veer away from this subject often enough, offering the profiles of the brilliant people I encounter and events that inspire me, or that I won’t be spending just as much time writing involuntary nonsense, and bothering you with my perspective on the present prospects of our world.

With this blog, I hope to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and writers alike, to share and learn from our collective experiences, and to educate and inspire myself and others who are on the same journey.


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